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Great Dentist

Dr. Eadie is the right blend of personal and professional. He does a great job with the dentistry while simultaneously being very pleasant and personable. “
— Bill W.


I have been with this practice for years! Dr. Eadie is by far the best dentist I have experienced and I am so glad I stayed with this practice. My son has Autism and has always gone for cleanings every 6 months and never had a cavity. His last cleaning with the previous dentist “found” five small cavities at his last cleaning – she immediately said he should go under general anesthesia! She wasn’t comfortable working on him. There was no way I was going to do that! Dr. Eadie took over the practice and said he could do it. It took a few appointments but he was able to do most of the work without even using anything anesthesia- my son who is very sensitive had NO ISSUES! I love that he considered my son’s special needs, took a conservative approach, and made my son comfortable throughout the whole process. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRACTICE!!!”
 — Serena 

Professional, friendly and patient

I am not the greatest patient- nervous, jittery. Dr. Eadie was very patient with me and Karen, his assistant, is the best!! They brought me water when I started to panic and really helped calm me down. Ultimately I did just fine. Dr. Eadie explained every step of the way from the removal of the old crown, the cleaning of the decay underneath and the impressions to the creation of the temporary crown. “
— Karen A.

Professional, friendly and patientCalm, thorough, informative and honest dentist

I was impressed with Dr. Eadie and the way he explained everything while he navigated around my teeth. I know I should be taking better care of my teeth but he was very gentle in his delivery of this, and informative on ways I can improve my own methods. He was very thorough and gave me several options of things I can do to follow up based on priority. Happy to have found such a competent, honest and approachable dentist. “
— Katherine


The best people. Professional, competent, friendly, patient. R&K Ward Chicago. “
— Ray

I am so happy to have found Dr. Eadie!

I have seen so many dentist in my life but no one has been as great as Dr. Eadie at The Northshore Dentist. From the minute I sit in the chair, I know that I will be well taken care of. I know that he cares about his patients because Dr. Eadie spends time getting to know me and listens to my concerns and together we look over all my options and plan out a treatment for the future. I feel very well taken care of. I am so happy to have found Dr. Eadie. I plan on bringing my kids and husband in soon. The office is clean and modern. Karen at the front desk is a pleasure to deal with. Just an all around great dentist and office. “
— Grace

Best dentist I've ever had!

Dr. Eadie is the best dentist I’ve ever had. His expertise and calming matter make going to the dentist an enjoyable experience. I couldn’t imagine trusting anyone else with my teeth! “
— Anna

Professional, caring, informational

I feel secure in knowing my teeth and gums will be well cared for! “
— Susan